ARG Precision Corp and the European Company Lancea have established a partnership to bring solutions and energy efficiency technologies for industry in Puerto Rico.  The goal is to offer the best solution for our customers with high profitability and return periods of low investment, reducing energy consumption and increasing the income derived from the operation of the facility.

Both companies agree that solutions related to energy aspects of a company may determine its future. We therefore consider decisions in this area every day more strategic, being a critical step. We try to evaluate, recommend, implement and support to decide the best solution available for each case. Establish lasting relationships with our customers based on trust, effectiveness and efficiency. Regardless of the novelty of the offered energy model, we understand the importance of offering viable solutions.

Aplicaciones Cogeneración Microturbinas


  • Sistema de trigeneración, calor, frío y electricidad, 4 microturbinas con absorbedor
  • Genera 240 kWe eléctricos
  • Produce 422 kW de frío
  • Cubre el 25% de las necesidades energéticas
  • Rendimiento global del sistema 80%




  • Sistema de cuatro microturbinas instalado en la terraza
  • Aportan 240 kWe eléctricos
  • Absorbedor de doble efecto que produce 422 kW de frío

microturbina_universidadUniversidad pública

  • Sistema de cuatro microturbinas con absorvedor
  • 240 kWe, 80 kWth de trigeneración
  • Instalación interior
  • Aportan un 80% de la energía del centro
  • Tienen un rendimiento del 65%
  • Incremento de la eficiencia por usar el calor residual para generar frío

microturbina_pabellon_militarPabellón militar

  • Instalación de 16 microturbinas
  • Edificio de 9.000 m²
  • Aportan 960 kW eléctricos
  • 1.478 kW de frío
  • Instalación exterior

2Biblioteca pública

  • Sistema de trigeneración de 16 microturbinas y absorvedor
  • 960 kW eléctricos
  • Instalación exterior
  • Provee el 95% de la energía que necesita



  • Sistema de trigeneración de electricidad, calor y frío (4 microturbinas)
  • Rendimiento del sistema del 80%
  • Aportan 240 kW eléctricos
  • Enfriador de doble efecto
  • Genera 422 kW de frío





microturbina_centro_comercialCentro Comercial

  • Sistema de trigeneración de seis microturbinas con absorbedor
  • Eficiencia del sistema del 80%
  • Potencia eléctrica de 240 kW
  • Genera 422 kW de potencia de frío



  • Sistema de trigeneración de electricidad, calor y frío (Cuatro microturbinas)
  • Produce 240 kW eléctricos
  • Absorbedor de doble efecto de 422 kW de potencia
  • Cubre un 75% de las necesidades energéticas


  • Una microturbina de 80 kWe, y una potencia térmica de recuperación de calor de 150 kWt, tcon temperaturas del agua de 70ºC a la entrada y 90ºC a la salida
  • Se cubre demanda de frío con una máquina de absorción de 115 kWf, con temperaturas de entrada y salida del agua fría de 12 y 7ºC


Experiencia en plantas de cogeneración Equipos ORC

orc_cogeneracionPlanta de cogeneración

  • Equipo ORC en planta de cogeneración con motores
  • Potencia eléctrica generada con ORC: 600 kW
  • Temperatura agua de condensación: 65ºC
  • Puesta en marcha: 2012


orc_cogeneracion_bCogeneración en industria de fabricación de maquinaria

  • Equipo ORC para cogeneración en Industria de fabricación de maquinaria
  • Recuperación de calor desde motores
  • Potencia eléctrica generada con ORC: 1000 kW
  • Temperatura agua de condensación para secado de biomasa: 25-40 ºC
  • Puesta en marcha: 2012

Cogeneración Pilas de Combustible


  • Sistema de aprovechamiento de hidrógeno de pilas de combustible PAFC
  • Uso en el sistema de energía primario y el suministro de emergencia
  • Reducción de la demanda de la red
  • Disminución de la contaminación
  • Uso del calor residual para mejorar la eficiencia energética del sistema de agua caliente
  • Generación de 200 kW de electricidad
streamPerformance Monitoring Systems
•Burner Management Systems
•Low NOx Burners
•Acid dew point control for better efficiency
•Process Simulation
•Additives for better unit Performance
•Transmission Line Monitoring Systems
•Transformer Protection Systems ( fastest response in the market)
•Computer fluid dynamics, burners, tubes, chemical cleaning, pumps, valves •Condenser chemical Cleaning by Dynamic Descaler method
gas-turbineNew Aero derivative Gas Turbine Packages Units 25, 50 MW
•Modular System ready to Install and run in 1 month
•GE Frame 5,7 parts & Services
•Siemens Westinghouse 501F parts and services
•Control Systems
•Combine Cycle Performance Monitoring System
•Runners, wicket gates, gate links, control systems
•Maintenance & Overhauls
partsThe James Leffel & Co. can provide replacement parts for your turbine giving little regard to the vintage or the original manufacturer. For original Leffel equipment, replacement parts are made to the original design criteria. If your hydro unit is of another manufacturer, Leffel engineers incorporate their knowledge and experience with the dimensional characteristics of the existing parts. From this, manufacturing drawings and  documents are created for use in the proper production of the replacement parts.

In this business, not all production criteria can be adequately set forth on the drawing. For this reason, our Project Engineers can be found quite often on the shop floor giving direction and hands-on assistance as required to assure that your replacement parts are made to the highest standard.


repairIf your project is a new installation, the rehabilitation of existing or abandoned equipment or you’re just in need of some minor repairs or parts, the first and most essential step is to have an on-site inspection performed. The James Leffel & Co. can provide this crucial service by highly knowledgeable and experienced personnel at a very reasonable cost.

An on-site inspection typically will take up about one-half of a day on site. From this inspection, the inspecting engineer will prepare a written Report of Findings and Recommendations for Repairs. Upon your further   request The James Leffel & Co. will provide a Price Proposal for the required replacement parts and installation services.


recyToday the high cost of energy makes the rehabilitation of existing hydro energy installations feasible and attractive monetarily. Particularly of the larger turbines, the major components can most likely be repaired and reused. The Leffel turbine is designed with durability in   mind, which has its rewards for the owner throughout the life of an installation.

Early in the twenty-first century, some installed Leffel turbines will begin their second century of operation. This is testimonial to the their quality.


You can rely on ARG Precision Corp. for all your construction needs.

general-constructionNew Buildings
•Structural Steel
•Turn Key Projects
•Electrical systems
•Plumbing & Piping
•Cooling Towers
•Air Conditioning
•Green building Construction

pipe Leak Survey

– FCS Lmic
– Stethophon
– Radio Detection CAT3
– Sewerin Listening Device Aquaphone
– Metrotech 830

•Leak Pinpointing Equipment

– Subsurface Leak Detection LD-12, LC-2500
– Sewerin Leak Correlator
– DigiCorr – Zcorr

•Specialized Leak & Codition Assessment Large Diameter

– LDS 1000

•GPS Mapping of Leaks

environmentalPlum and acid rain control on exhaust gases
•Stormwater treatment
•NOx Control
•Additive treatment
•Corrosion protection
•Green Building Construction
•Condenser Cleaning Using Environmentally Friendly Products
istallationARG assigns only the most experienced and knowledgeable field engineers for site work at hydro installations. Their record concerning attention to detail, on-site safety and professionalism is impeccable.

The best-planned project with the most accurately manufactured components can go terribly bad if the installation is not done right. Inversely, projects with   difficult on-site working conditions and stringent installation requirements can go like “clock work” with the proper personnel and engineering support.