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Hydroelectric Plants / Hydraulic Turbines

partsThe ARG Precision Corporation can provide replacement parts for your turbine giving little regard to the vintage or the original manufacturer. For original ARG Precision Corporation equipment, replacement parts are made to the original design criteria. If your hydro unit is of another manufacturer, ARG Precision Corporation engineers incorporate their knowledge and experience with the dimensional characteristics of the existing parts. From this, manufacturing drawings and  documents are created for use in the proper production of the replacement parts. 

In this business, not all production criteria can be adequately set forth on the drawing. For this reason, our Project Engineers can be found quite often on the shop floor giving direction and hands-on assistance as required to assure that your replacement parts are made to the highest standard.



repairIf your project is a new installation, the rehabilitation of existing or abandoned equipment or you’re just in need of some minor repairs or parts, the first and most essential step is to have an on-site inspection performed. The ARG Precision Corporation can provide this crucial service by highly knowledgeable and experienced personnel at a very reasonable cost.

An on-site inspection typically will take up about one-half of a day on site. From this inspection, the inspecting engineer will prepare a written Report of Findings and Recommendations for Repairs. Upon your further   request The ARG Precision Corporation will provide a Price Proposal for the required replacement parts and installation services.




recyToday the high cost of energy makes the rehabilitation of existing hydro energy installations feasible and attractive monetarily. Particularly of the larger turbines, the major components can most likely be repaired and reused. ARG Precision Corporation turbine is designed with durability in   mind, which has its rewards for the owner throughout the life of an installation.

Early in the twenty-first century, some installed ARG Precision Corporation turbines will begin their second century of operation. This is testimonial to the their quality.

Instalation & Services

ARG assigns only the most experienced and knowledgeable field engineers for site work at hydro installations. Their record concerning attention to detail, on-site safety and professionalism is impeccable. 

The best-planned project with the most accurately manufactured components can go terribly bad if the installation is not done right. Inversely, projects with   difficult on-site working conditions and stringent installation requirements can go like “clock work” with the proper personnel and engineering support.

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