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Company Profile

ARG Precision Corporation was founded in 1996 under the laws of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico by engineer Armando J. Rodriguez, a professional engineer graduated from the University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez Campus. After 8 years working for the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority as a Gas Turbine Project Manager, Steam Plant boiler maintenance manager and preventive maintenance engineer, Engineer Rodriguez decided to create his own company. His vision of what a company should be and his quest for better opportunities, to use and apply his technical and administrative knowledge to the service of his country, added to his entrepreneur and leadership qualities triggered his inner desires to found, with a minimum capital, ARG Precision Corp.

Our Staff Members

Armando J. Rodriguez, PE President

  • BSME Mechanical Engineering
  • 30 years’ experience as a leader in Power plant & Generation Industry 
  • 20 years’ experience as Generation Operations and Maintenance Engineer

Julio Nater, General Manager

  • BSME Mechanical Engineering
  • 26 years’ experience as a Mechanical Project Manager, Industrial and Pharmaceutical
  • 4 years as ARG’s General Manager

Evelyn Abreu, Administrative Officer

  • 20 years’ experience Administrative Officer
  • Human Resources Official

Jaime Lopez, Generation Project Manager

  • BSME Mechanical Engineering
  • 29 years’ experience as Generation Operations and Maintenance Engineer
  • Gas Turbine Maintenance Manager Specialist 

Gerardo Lectora Jordan, Business Development Director

  • BSME Mechanical Engineering
  • MS Environmental Engineering
  • 28 years as a Generation Operations and Maintenance Engineer 

Jose Rodriguez, Generation Maintenance Supervisor

  • BSEE Electrical Engineering
  • 2 Year experience supervising preventive maintenance programs

Joshua Mussa, Generation Maintenance Supervisor

  • BSEE Electrical Engineer
  • 2 Year experience supervising preventive maintenance programs

Albert Padilla, Generation Maintenance Supervisor

  • Airframe and Power Plant FAA Certified Professional 
  • 20 years’ experience as an Engine Aircraft Mechanic and Supervisor 

Lupercio Rivera, Project Supervisor and Safety Official

  • 35 years’ experience Field Supervision Generation Industry
  • General Construction and Utilities specialist
  • OSHA Certified Safety Officer

Our mission is to provide our customers with High Quality Products and Services.

To establish and nurture a company mindset focused on customer satisfaction. To create and maintain an environment for our employees and associates that encourages team work, problem solving, innovative thinking and a commitment to quality and continuous improvement.

It is our policy to provide quality services and products in complete accordance with our mission. We strive to be responsive to the individual and collective needs of our customers, supporting activities, products as well as the services delivered must be expressions of the highest quality. We pledge to monitor performance as an ongoing activity and to strive for continuous improvement.

We are committed to comply with all safety regulations, providing our employees safety equipment and training. We promote an accident free work environment.

We will comply with and promote all environmental regulations during every stage and process of our services.